Are You Living in Illusions or Creating Your Own Reality?

When you are as ambitious as I am, and truly want to reach your greatest potential, you can start second-guessing your choices, especially when you begin to buy into the truths of others, or what appears to be the truth, but is just an illusion. 

Though entertainment is meant just for entertainment purposes, it can be a challenge to separate what you believe as truth from what is projected on the screen to you as truth for the moment. 

Taking it a step further, when we watch television and become emotionally involved in that experience, feeling the pains and pleasures of the subjects on the television screen, we open ourselves up for the programming of our subconscious minds, which doesn’t know the difference between false beliefs and true ones. 

It only knows what it sees and acts upon it, influencing you to think, be, feel, and act according to that programming, and you may not even notice this effect. You may be saying to yourself, “it’s just a movie,” yet that “just a movie” has unconsciously affected you. And may cause you to act or react in ways that may be different from who you were previously. 

I have experienced this myself. I was watching a movie the other night about a comedian who wanted to become wealthy living his dream. He won a trip to Hollywood to participate in a comedy showcase, while at the same time he ran a very popular blog that he used as a medium to criticize other comedians, one famous one in particular. Ultimately, he realized his intention, and became famous after a lot of trials and tribulations, and the famous comedian eventually became his mentor. 

The movie was very entertaining, and kept me laughing. However once the movie was over, I could sense a negative shift in my energy. There was this sense of lack that I hadn’t felt before I had watched the movie. This led me to believe that even though consciously I knew it was a movie, I developed an emotional attachment to the character and their circumstances. 

I felt like I resonated with this character’s struggle, because in my own life I also dreamed of one day becoming a famous popstar, and this is still my intention. And I also went through my own set of trials and tribulations to get to my current level of achievement. So as the storyline progressed, I could sense myself drifting back to my past mistakes, regrets and desperations. All the things that a person seeking to stay in a positive, uplifted state of mind should probably not do.

Watching this movie made me question my past, current, and future choices in life, and whether I am making the best decisions. While I greatly appreciate the chance it gave me to reflect on that, I realize that this is what movies have been doing to me my whole life. Filling me with hope, fear, or doubt, and sometimes all at the same time. 

They have been giving me perspectives about a possible reality that could one day be, and this can be a good thing and a bad thing. The good of it is that I dream big. The bad of it is that I may be choosing someone else’s interpretation of an ideal life instead of building my own. 

I may be buying into the status quo, instead of choosing to be unique and authentic to my true nature and character. I should be looking inward for direction, instead of imitating someone else’s character and choosing to walk in their shoes. 

Especially when that character is a fabrication of the screenwriter’s mind, and the storyline is plotted so that all the pieces line up perfectly to achieve the desired outcome that they want in the movie. 

And lastly, I may feel my dreams are too small or inappreciable, and seek to go after dreams that have no meaning to me just for acceptance or prestige. Not realizing in the real world, everything big once begin as something small that matured over time.

Sometimes looking at movies, which tend to last about 90 to 120 minutes or so, we get the notion our success should come very quickly, like the time it takes a movie to go from beginning to ending. I believe anything is possible, I say put no limitations on yourself, but also have patients as well, and let things unfold as they should in divine time.

We’ve been programmed from birth, to think, feel, and act a certain way, that may not have been of our own choosing. I propose that we take back control of our minds and start programming ourselves in accordance with what is authentic for us.  That we take time to adventure within the theater of our minds and build scenes which are unique to us, that can materialize as a reality in our life. 

I know it can be challenging because I go through it as well. Television can be so convincing to make you feel if you don’t have x, y, or z you are not relevant, but we essentially have to remember the world started as an empty canvas, and it is through thought that things came into existence. Essentially one thing is not necessarily cooler than another, because all things are molded out of the same substance.  

It’s all about your belief that shapes how you feel about a thing. Just as one person’s trash, can be another person’s treasure. We just have to be strong in our convictions and beliefs just as the other person appears to be strong in theirs. I believe it is their confidence in what they are believing and sometimes their enthusiasm that leads us to think they must be right, and we must be wrong. 

However, maybe they are just good actors appearing to be happy or sincere in their judgments, when in reality they may not be living their best life. The reality of the situation can be stranger than fiction. When we look behind the curtain’s, things may not be as they appear. Just as a tall shadow on the wall may appear intimidating, but when you see how short the man or woman casting it is, you see there is nothing to fear. 

Ultimately remember the world’s a stage, and every person and animated object is an actor, and every inanimate object is a prop. It’s up to us to live in our own lanes, build our own stories and not live out stories of others.

In all honesty, if we were to live with the people giving us their aggrandized or marginalized perspectives, we’d most likely get a better comprehension of the bases for their perceived understanding, which we may or may not choose to take into account when building our interpretations. But we don’t have that luxury at the moment, all we have is surface-level appearances that could be fabrications.

So, be you, follow your heart, guard your mind, and keep it tuned up. When you feel like you are falling into someone else’s programming or belief system, give yourself a tune-up. Reaffirm your own beliefs and truths, and if you need a tool to do that, try the Grateful Heart Gratitude Program by Deep Healing Soul.

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