How To Never Sabotage Yourself Again

About a year ago I realized I had created an emotional habit that caused me to experience anxiety. I’d become fearful, panicked, and when in that state, the thoughts that came were more of the same. 

More fear, more panic, which led me to actions that I thought were well thought out, but by being in a state of panic my actions were in alignment with that feeling. I would do things a person in panic or doubt would do. Like, delete my whole website for no reason. Send a message that ended a good relationship. 

And it was only after I got back to a higher vibration, a higher frequency, a happier mood of appreciation, gratitude, love, or some good feeling thought, I realized my errors. Reflecting back to my actions while on that lower vibration I ask myself “what was I thinking!” At the time I may have thought what I did was rational but looking back, it was really irrational, and unnecessary and sometimes it set me back a step.¬†

So the lesson I learned is not to make decisions when in a low vibration. I attended a seminar in Chicago a year ago where I heard Tony Robbin emphasize that point. And I didn’t realize the significance of it until now. 

I also realized I needed to find ways to quickly get back to a higher vibration as to not sabotage myself through actions taken in the low vibration, and that’s were my Grateful Heart Gratitude Program came in for me. 

Honestly, I could have listened to the radio or found some youtube meditation music that would have worked. But this was quick and easy plus the affirmations I chose were very powerful and positive and the music was created such that it relaxed me and helped me reprogram faster. 

From my perspective, Essentially what happens as we go through our days, if we see ourselves as human computers, sometimes via all the vibrational energy waves and outer stimuli (friends, family, the media influence) we are surrounded by, sometimes our inner programs gets corrupt just like computers get a corrupt file which causes programs to malfunction. And our positive programming gets halted by error messages which is essentially the negative programming. So we have to take the time to reinstall the positive programming to get back on course. 

And in my opinion, installing or reinstalling a program shouldn’t take hours but just minutes. So by listening to the Grateful Heart Gratitude Program, I was able to quickly get rid of those pop-ups in my computer (my mind) telling me to retreat, give up, it’s not gonna work, etc and get back to the good feeling thoughts, that I am ok, I am divinely guided, I always have what I need when I need it. 

These are the constructive thoughts that lead to positive actions and manifestations that lead to more happy feelings. We continuously become what we think about. And if you shift your energy by changing your thoughts you can transform your life. 

Start your deep healing journey today. Purchase your copy of the Grateful Heart Gratitude Program now. And experience less stress and more joy.

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