Grateful Heart - Gratitude Affirmations Program

This positive affirmations program will help you to quickly and easily develop an attitude of gratitude, to experience more happiness and joy in your life. 

If you suffer from stress, anxiety, bouts of sadness or moments of depression this program can help lift your spirit and shift your energy to attract more good experiences for which you can be grateful. 

This 7 minute postive thinking affirmation program was specially engineered to help you shift your energy and mindset towards being more grateful. Before you know it, you will have a “Grateful Heart.”

Persistence and consistency is the ultimate key to receiving desired results. 

For maximum effect, repeat the affirmations aloud to yourself, and for best results, make a small commitment to watch and/or listen to this program at least twice daily. Once in the morning and once in the evening for just 7 minutes. 

The music is soothing and tuned to 432hz, a deep healing frequency. In addition, the images used in the video version are specially selected to provide you with positive emotional responses.

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Watch the full “Grateful Heart” Gratitude program below.

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Grateful Heart - Audio Version - Special Offer
Grateful Heart – Audio Version – Special Offer
This is a high-quality mp3 audio version of the program available for instant download upon purchase

Grateful Heart - Video Version - Special Offer
Grateful Heart – Video Version – Special Offer
You will gain instant access to stream the video from our site for as long as the site is available, as well as download the MP4 video file. File Size is 282MB.

Offer will expire when timer gets to zero

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It’s good to have an artist that is hip to 432. Nice and mellow for meditation. Thanks!